Bruce Truckmen's Group Development Model

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Stage two is one of the most challenging stages. It is defined as a period of exploration of relationships and uncertainty about power. During this stage there is often times a lot of conflict and tension between the members and the leader and there 's often lack of trust and communication. According to Bruce Truckmen 's group development model this can be called the storming stage. One of the first key characteristics that would identify a group being in stage two is the miss trust and power struggle towards the leader. This is a time where members began to rebel against their leader because they are fearful of the power that he or she holds over them and are questioning what they will do with that power. As expected this rebellion and…show more content…
Stage III of the group or more commonly known as the working stage is a time of exploration for the members and increased involvement with each other and an increased cohesion. There are several characteristics that piece this stage together that make it a successful working stage. These different characteristics are trust, cohesion, responsibility, hope, confrontation, and conflict. This is a lot of different characteristics but by no means all of them. Each characteristic works together and forms the puzzle of stage III making it successful in order for the members to work through their problems together. The first characteristic was trust. In order for a group to be successful the members must feel comfortable in the atmosphere and also have certain level of trust that will allow them to progress. When members reach the working stage it is a time of deep exploration within themselves. Often they must express their fears with each other; this can be embarrassing, scary, and nerve-racking. However, when the trust is there between the members this takes the weight off of the members where they can freely express themselves in order to progress towards a positive goal. If the members began to distrust each other it must be discussed and or expressed and in the working group that happens. The members will openly express how they might feel embarrassed by showing their true feelings and other members will also express their feelings towards that moment. If their feelings…show more content…
The two factors are in extremely important and often the higher the trust the more capable the members are able to be authentic and disclose with each other. Confrontation is another key characteristic in the working group. Now it may seem confusing to have confrontation in a stage where they are supposed to be working together however it is not the type of confrontation where they are rude or disrespectful to the members it is constructive confrontation. In a healthy group such as the working stage, members will openly give feedback not to hurt each other but in order to help them progress in the right direction. This leads each of the members to look deep into their own behaviors as well as evaluating the actions that they can take in order to improve. Another two key aspects to the third stage is the responsibility that the members take on and the new-found hope that they possess for the progression. Before the members hit the working stage they often feel helpless or victimized and are not even sure if they can make it to that next step in order to change the behaviors. Once they reach that third stage a new light sparks in them and they begin to feel hopeful for their future progression. This has
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