Bruce Wayne Research Paper

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I would like to be Bruce Wayne because he is a billionaire by day, and the Batman by night. Being remarkably smart, strong, and brave, Bruce Wayne fights crime to keep the people of the city safe, which is why I have always admired Batman. After watching his movies and playing his video games numerous times, I have come to appreciate the order of conduct that he follows. Furthermore, Bruce’s physique may be his biggest attribute. Bruce Wayne is around six feet tall and weighs 250 pounds. He is Caucasian, with black hair and brown eyes. Through intensive training, a specialized diet, and biofeedback treatments, Bruce Wayne has extraordinary strength. Being a world class athlete in almost every respect, he has superior strength, speed, agility,…show more content…
As an expert of interrogation, he finds the goons of supervillains and determines their boss’s whereabouts. The Batman also has countless numbers of gadgets at hand, such as his throwing knives, a metal blade in the form of a bat, the bat claw, a claw that can grab onto nearly anything, and a grapple, which he uses to ascend through the sky with ease, all made by his head of research at Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox. He also has a Batmobile, an impressive vehicle which can transform into a tank. There is a bike built into the Batmobile, which can easily be deployed when needed, but it could get damaged while driving. The Batman has also been coined as the World’s Greatest Detective, being able to solve any lawlessness by a criminal. However, he is human and does make mistakes. Of all his skills, possibly his most significant one is instilling fear into his foes. In conclusion, Bruce Wayne would be the individual I would be if I had to choose since he is a billionaire, and at night becomes the Batman. However, one tremendous downside is that Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents’ death when he was eight years old. Nonetheless, without going through that horrible event, his hate for crime may not have developed, which means the Batman would have never
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