Bruce Wayne's Act Of Justice In V For Vendetta

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When Bruce Wayne puts on the the Batman suit, he puts on the veil of ignorance. He then takes all his personal interest and puts them to side in goal of the common good. This idea may be thought to translate to V in V for Vendetta, however it does not. V in Vendetta, does not put on his guy fawkes mask and fight for the social good. While it can be argued that V has the ultimate goal, V first had his own goals of vengeance. Other than saving Evey, one of the first act of justice we see is V taking Mr. Prothero. However, this act was revenge for Mr Prothero being cruel to him at the resettlement camp he was assigned to. He then proceeded to kill the the Bishop and Doctor, who worked at his resettlement camp. These acts of murder break
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