Bruce Woodley's Iconic Song 'I Am Australian'

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We are one, but we are many
These lyrics from Bruce Woodley’s iconic song ‘I am Australian’ encapsulate the essence of the Australian identity: unity, equality and a fair go for all. However, underneath the surface of our seemingly egalitarian society, the statement ‘we are many’ is the only one that remains. We are a nation divided. Divided by the historic mistreatment of the first inhabitants of our land. Divided by the disadvantage, discrimination and dispossession of Indigenous Australians. Divided by the lack of true equality for all Australians. If we lack this basic equality, how can we say with good conscience that we are an egalitarian society?
Welcome ladies, gentlemen and esteemed guests. It is an honour to stand before you today
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However, there is still hope. While the injustices of the Stolen generation, massacres and centuries of mistreatment against Indigenous Australians can never be erased, we can create future in which these atrocities never occur again. These atrocities emerge from ignorance and fear, so working to understand Indigenous culture must surely be the only path to removing the racism that plagues Australia. We have so must to learn from the rich cultural history of Indigenous Australians, particularly in their spiritual relationship with the land they have lived on for thousands of years. If we embrace this incredible knowledge, not only will we eliminate the barriers preventing equality in our society, we will also be stronger as a nation in both environmental and social relations. Ultimately, we have the potential to become an example to the world of the way a nation’s people can overcome their past mistakes and pave a future of cultural sharing for the benefit of all…show more content…
We must be the architects of this new Australia, built again with egalitarianism as its foundation and equality, justice and acceptance as its cornerstones. Envision, if you will, an Australia where all Indigenous cultures, communities and people are respected, recognised and revered. An Australia where Indigenous Australians are finally equal. A truly egalitarian Australia. It is my hope that we can be united in the pursuit of this future. United by the desire for justice and equality for Indigenous Australians. United by the desire to one day proudly proclaim to all our
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