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Research paper: Adsorption Introduction The picture of Brunauer, Emmett and Teller 's model of multilayer adsorption The process which is called Adsorption is the adhesion of ions, atoms or molecules from different liquid, gas, or solid that dissolved to a surface. The process of adsorption produces a film of the adsorbate on the adsorbent surface. The process of adsorption is quite different from absorption. In absorption the fluid (that is adsorbate) is dissolved…show more content…
The adsorbed quantity is almost always normalized by the adsorbent mass to allow comparison of different materials. Adsorbents
Adsorbents are generally used in the type of rods, spherical pellets, moldings, or monoliths with a hydrodynamic radius between 0.25-5 mm. It is important for them to have high abrasion resistance, high thermal stability and small pore diameters, which results in higher exposed surface area and consequently high capacity for adsorption. For adsorbents also important to have a distinct pore structure that allow gaseous vapors fast transport.

Adsorbents which are most industrial fall into one of three classes:
1) Oxygen-containing compounds -They are typically polar and hydrophilic and usually including materials like silica gel and
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This heat that is in the form of hot water, can come from any industrial sources also including waste heat from industrial processes, prime heat from solar thermal installations or from the exhaust or water jacket heat of a piston engine or turbine.
Notwithstanding that there are analogy between absorption and adsorption refrigeration, the latter is based on the interaction between gases and solids. The chamber (adsorbtion) of the chiller is full with a solid material (like zeolite, silica gel, alumina and active carbon) which in its neutral state has adsorbed the refrigerant.
When heated, the solid desorbs ( which means releases) refrigerant vapour, which after this is cooled and liquefied. This liquid refrigerant after this allow its cooling effect at the evaporator, by absorbing external heat and turning back into a vapour. In the last stage refrigerant vapour is (re)adsorbed into the

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