Brunei Culture

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(1) This report examines the impact of social media that has caused changes in the matter of language, communication and culture on Brunei society. With regards to language, the impact is on the use of words in educational and business institution. Meanwhile for communication, it leads to the lack of interaction between a group of people and the influence of the western culture also gives an impacts on Brunei culture.

(2) These impact may be of concern due to the mixing of different languages such as Malay and English languages and short form text is widely use in social media, in which this could affect the use of words in educations or business circle. As an example, in online business the term ‘Book sis’ become a habit for most of the
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Meanwhile, the culture of Brunei Darussalam mainly focused as a conservative Malay Muslim country with strong cultural traditions, as Brunei practices the Malay Islamic monarchy. The influence from outside countries may lead to the deterioration of traditional moral of Brunei in young generation.

As regards to language concerning on social media, is the varied use of languages that was commonly used in texting, in which, it gives an impact on the use of words in education especially among the youths, they have a tendency to short form the words example ‘Thank you’ to ‘Tq’ when writing an email to the teacher, which is inappropriate in education institution.

In the matters of communication, there are lack of interaction and conversation between group of people; family and friends, especially when the individual mainly focusing on playing their devices that lead to creation of anti-social behavioral. For example, a family having dinner together, however none of them are having conversation as they are busy with their electronic devices such as laptop or mobile
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It is a way to include short and easy ‘words’ to show an individual expression. It is also less time consuming as it helps in fast texting while maintaining the original meaning, but different spelling. This may affect the academic and the formal writings of their work in government or private sector.

Communication; Lack of direct communication (anti-social behavior). As the use of social media is broad, young individuals can easily access social media to communicate in order to express their feelings and share stories instead of face to face interaction.

This may affect the way of life of the social and cultural activities of the Brunei society. As an example, the way how people behave nowadays and the way how they dress is following trends from outside countries such as Korea, Japan and London that may be against our traditional Bruneian culture.
Research will be focus on Bruneian only, as a proper consideration of the issues concentrate on the arising use of social media that has led to the changes that have occurred in Brunei in a concern of language, communication and culture. The secondary data for references about the impacts of social media in Brunei are limited and a longer period of time would have allowed more accurate assessment of attitudes as researchers were only given a short period of time to conduct the survey questionnaires for data
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