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Introduction The purpose of doing this assignment is to discuss how the oil and gas economy in Brunei Darussalam is doing with the availability of electric car. In this assignment, I will be discussing the demand, supply and the equilibrium price of oil and gas in Brunei Darussalam with the future taking over of the availability of electric car which does not required fuel. Demand and supply is maybe a standout amongst the most major ideas of financial matters and it is the foundation of a market economy. Demand shows how much (amount) of an item or administration is wanted by purchasers. The amount requested is the measure of an item people will purchase at a specific value; the connection amongst cost and amount requested is known as…show more content…
Mohammad Yasmin Umar, imperativeness serve, told the Financial Times that Brunei 's essentialness age could climb from 400,000 barrels of oil and gas proportionate today past the effectively expected at least 600,000 by 2035 to as high as 800,000 yet could be risked by the world oil esteem bitterness and by possible longer-term designs, for instance, the electric auto 's "takeover" from start controlled vehicles in rich countries. Brunei Shell Petroleum Company, a 50-50 association between the governing body and Royal Dutch Shell, has been the overall imperativeness creator since the British magnificent period and records for around 90 for each penny of the sultanate 's oil and gas earnings. Mr Umar played down worries about China 's regional aspirations, which incorporate cases to seaward territories where Brunei 's oil industry…show more content…
This point could be risked by the world oil value wretchedness and by conceivable longer-term patterns, for example, the electric auto 's "takeover" from burning controlled vehicles in rich nations. Despite the fact that there is a conceivable long haul assume control by electric auto, interest for oil from autos will keep on increasing. Be that as it may, the expansion will be not as much as twofold, regardless of the quantities of autos multiplying. Some of that relief is down to expanding electric vehicle numbers, yet significantly more will originate from picks up in the fuel proficiency of gas motors. So in spite of the fact that the cost of oil in Brunei may drop later on with the presence of electric auto, the request of oil will in any case increment. To put it plainly, electric vehicles will affect oil request throughout the following 20 years, yet not a diversion evolving

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