Bruno And Shmuel: A Narrative Fiction

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After darkness had fully consumed the room, the air around Bruno and Shmuel quickly began to constrict around their lungs. Bruno could feel Shmuel’s hand trembling in fear as they both started to hyperventilate. He could hear people passing out next to him, each gasping for any bit of air that was left. All Bruno could do was stand there and hear all of this madness unfold. Finally, his frantic thoughts were halted. Bruno began to collapse to the floor, due to the lack of oxygen. Then suddenly, the door they had entered through bursted open. “Bruno! Where are you?” screamed a familiar voice. Bruno was able to muster up enough strength to lift himself off the floor and open his eyes to see who had opened the door. It was Father! While Father had been making sure all of the soldiers had…show more content…
“But… what about Shmuel?” asked Bruno. “We don’t have time to worry about whoever brought you over here, I’m extremely angry at you for coming over here.” said Father. As Father ran to the Out-With, Bruno explained who Shmuel was and why he had gone with him to the other side of the fence. During this explanation, Father had the realization that these Jews are people too. They have family to care for, love, and protect, just like he does. As soon as they arrived at the Out-With, Father dropped him off at the steps and began to walk away. “Father! Where are you going?” yelled Bruno “To go save your friend Shmuel” answered Father as he began to run back to the gas chamber. Luckily for him, Shmuel was still there. Father shook Shmuel around, telling him to wake up, but he didn’t want to budge. He felt his neck for a pulse… he was still alive. Before he could grab Shmuel, Father realized that he was surrounded by his own soldiers. “We have been ordered to kill you for disobeying Hitler’s rules.” said one of the soldiers. “You’ve come to kill me, not this boy. Let him be free with my family.” said Father. “Is this your final
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