Bruno's The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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John Boyne originally had the idea of two boys at a fence communicating back and forth to one another. WIth this idea, he took it into the era in which it was written -- the concentration camps, the brutality, the story-telling between the two boys is what he envisioned. He had this thought of the two boys coming back each and every day to ask more questions, to investigate about what was on each side of the fence. This idea was expressed clearly and greatly in the Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Bruno is a naive young boy who is always wanting to explore and find new things to enjoy, with his friends of course. Gretel is more self-centered in the beginning with her dolls, constantly rearranging them; yet, as the book goes on, she starts taking
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As Bruno meets the servants such as the maid, the cook, he finds them to be up-tight and locked in from talking. When Bruno meets Shmuel, he doesn’t see the true picture with him; however, he does seem to sense that fear and sadness within him.

Bruno’s mother can be seen at times in the book emotionally distraught and in disagreement. You could take the example of her and father in the office one night, arguing about the children’s well-being at the Auschwitz house, getting more and more violent as time goes on. She is also seen upset when the Fury comes once for dinner, and how the treatment of Pavel goes when he spills the drink. When Pavel spills the drink, she immediately sends the children to their rooms -- could she be attempting to censor their view?

Taking into account Bruno’s young age, and his naiveness, it could be inferred that he is attempting to set the story as it would be seen from Bruno’s point of view. Bruno doesn’t seem to have the biggest of vocabulary, and when this is combined with terms such as “Auschwitz,” it could be difficult to initially repeat back. When you think of how the people of Auschwitz were treated, and you think of “Out-With,” that gives it a very horrifying message of how the people inside the camp were
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