Brutal Role-Playing Games With Simulated Violence Analysis

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My goal for this writing piece is trying not to ramble about stuff to make the piece longer. Do you think having teenagers play a brutal role-playing game is good for them in the long term? Studies have shown that when children play violent games, they pick up on combative behavior, bad language and the way other people act. Imagine all the things they could take away from playing this game. Role-playing games with simulated violence is perilous for kids.

Several New York City high schools have a custom of playing a game called killer. The point of the game is to make a team and try and kill other kids playing the game with water guns and earn a cash reward for whoever wins.

Kids took it so far that one team was following an adolescent who was heading to the airport. They jumped out of the van and got him with a ¨squirt fish¨ and could of possibly hurt themselves if the security thought they had a weapon. Another team staked out in a van for nights on end trying to wait for a competitor to walk out of his house and then get him. One guy was wasting the time of a taxi driver just so he wouldn't be caught. He was asking the driver to do all these things and the driver didn't do it. He also jumped a fence and went through a neighbor's house!
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This sort of game actually happens in real life. Real people who use real guns to harm other people for money. The kids can think that the game was really fun and want to continue doing in. It could lead them to later on actually acquire an actual weapon and harm people with it. Of course, this game does use teamwork and it can be a fun game but kids can use this game in a wrong way in the
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