Brutality In Athletes

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Athletes have been kneeling during our National Anthem, and people wanna know why? A reason is because of all the shooting and brutality in our country has went through.Not only athletes have been kneeling everyone who wants a change are kneeling during our National Anthem. One reason why people are kneeling for the anthem ,is because of police brutality. The most common is black people. Innocent black people are getting attacked on the streets,sidewalks.and parks by cops.In fact,studies show”Amadou Diallo. Manuel Loggins Jr. Ronald Madison. Kendra James. Sean Bell. Eric Garner. Michael Brown. Alton Sterling.Each was a black man or woman who died at the hands of police.”(Funke 1)They get shot for alternative reason, cops are killing black people because of their skin and that is not right in our country. I know it 's not only black people, it 's every race. People who live somewhere other than America, might wanna move to America, but there hearing all these negative things on the news and they decide just to stay where they live now.…show more content…
Mostly black people have been killed and it 's not right. Cops have been killing innocent black people and that 's just wrong. America has probably had 5 or more innocent deaths every year starting in 2014.Not just the family loses a loved one but the officer loses his job and is in prison for as long as they sentence him. It is understandable that kneeling for our National Anthem can be a sign of disrespect towards the ones who fought for our country, but the reasons that have just been given were great reasons why kneeling for the Anthem can be a positive thing. Maybe in a few years america can change and have no harmful things to races. So athletes and non athletes have been kneeling for the Anthem, reasons why because innocent black people being shot for no reason, races not being treated equally, and racism. Hopefully america changes and we can go back to standing for the pledge. But for now we have people kneeling for a
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