Bruton Parish Church Essay

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Colonial Williamsburg shows what life was like for everyone back in colonial times. We can learn a lot from their structures such as the Capitol, the Magazine, and the Governor`s Palace. One of the most important buildings was the Bruton Parish Church. This historical church definitely deserves a commemorative coin because everyone then had to attend service once a month, it still offers service to this day, and it relates to the motto, “That the future may learn from the past.”

The Bruton Parish Church had a major role during colonial times. At the time of the Revolution, this was the main church and all Virginians were expected to attend services at least once every month. Many important Virginians attended this church such as George Mason, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry. Also, the church was used for burying notable Virginians such as Governor Francis Fauqier, one of the best loved colonial governors. Now, even though it was very important in colonial times, Bruton Parish Church still has value today.

This church still has much value
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This historical church connects well to the motto “That the future may learn from the past” because we can learn that people should be able to worship as the please and also we can learn about the type of music that was used. Since everyone had to attend Bruton Parish Church in Colonial times, this can teach us that people should be able to worship whoever they want or no one at all, whether they are Christian, Catholic, Muslim, or any religion really. From Peter Pelham, the first organist, we can learn what type of music was used back then and then we could innovate it and make it even better. The Bruton Parish Church was very important in colonial times, is still valuable today, and helps us learn from the
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