Brutus: A Tragic Hero

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Brutus is the character that I chose. The reason Brutus was chosen is because he is a great guy just mixed with the wrong people. Brutus is Julius Caesars step son. In this story Julius Caesar a tragic hero by William Shakespeare Brutus is considered a bad guy but he is not. Is Brutus a bad guy or is he with the wrong group of people?

Brutus is an amazing person. The people he is around are what make him seem like the bad guy everyone thinks he is. Peer pressure is what got to him in the end. As he says in the book, “What dangers are you trying to lead me into, Cassius that you want me to look inside myself for something that’s not there?” This quote is from no fear Shakespeare. In the beginning Cassius is the one that makes him what he is
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Brutus would have been fine if Cassius never talked to him Cassius is what made him such a bad person and brain wash him. Brutus fell to peer pressure if he would have never talked to Cassius about killing Caesar or Brutus becoming a King Brutus would have never stabbed Caesar and Brutus would never have been considered a bad guy because he is not one and he would have never been one. Brutus is a good guy and hopefully this made the people that thought he was a bad guy make them think he’s the good guy he has always been. Brutus was never was a horrible person he did what he was supposed to do and act like he was supposed to act he wasn’t a bad guy never was hopefully this made you Explicator. Spring94, Vol. 52 Issue 3, p135. 3p.realize that.

Brutus was so scared that he killed himself he would have never been in the situation that her was in if Cassius would have never put him up to the idea of killing and stabbing Julius Caesar. Mark Antony made Brutus and the others sound like they are horrible men but Brutus would not have any part of it if Cassius didn’t put him up to it and brainwash him that it was
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