Brutus: A True Tragic Hero

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Is Brutus a backstabber or a true tragic hero? Brutus is consider a tragic hero for these main reasons. He was one of the most honorable man in the whole city of Rome which will eventually turn against him. His tragic flaw appeared after they killed Caesar which causes his downfall. Brutus experienced the reversal of fate that the hero experiences which is an example of peripeteia. He has a big role in this play. You would think the play revolves around him and the play should be named Brutus instead of Julius Caesar. These are all traits you need to be a tragic hero. Brutus shows that having positive attributes can make you a tragic hero. “For let the gods so speed me as I love The name of honor more than I fear death.” (Act 1 Scene 2 Lines 90-91) In this quote he is explaining he is willing to die for the benefit of Rome. “Where many of the best respect in Rome, Except immortal Caesar, speaking of Brutus” (Act l. Scene 2. Lines 61-62) This shows that Brutus is an honorable man , and even Caesar friends thinks…show more content…
They killed Caesar which will eventually happen to Brutus as well. “Et Tu, Brutus” ( Act 3 Scene 1 Line 84) This shows that Brutus stab was the most fatal out of everyone's. Caesar dies from Brutus stab. “Caesar, now be still. I killed not thee with half so good a will.” (Act 5 Scene 5 Lines 56-57) This quote shows when Brutus dies. Brutus dies the same way Caesar did. They both are stabbed and end up dying. This is why I think Brutus is a tragic hero. He starts of as a honorable man which is eventually turned against him. Then the play progresses and his tragic flaws causes his downfalls of a hero. At the end of the play he is stabbed just like Caesar was which is an example of peripeteia. These are all characteristics of a tragic hero which Brutus shows in the play. His Honor, nobility, loyal patriotism, and naive manner combine to become Julius Caesar tragic
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