Brutus And Antony Character Analysis

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The friendships that are portrayed in the play (mainly between Caesar and Brutus, and Brutus and Antony) started out as true friendship, but ended in selfishness in order to win the political power of Rome. But Brutus and Cassius friendship was also hard to explain. The audience and readers could tell that they truly cared for each other, but they allowed each other to be used and manipulated in many situations. There were many examples in the play that shows that the friendships never ended in happiness for everyone, but the only true form of friendship in the entire play was between Caesar and Antony. Antony was first introduced to Caesar when he became a staff officer under Caesar in Gaul and helped Caesar bring the providence under Rome’s rule. When they returned, Antony was appointed tribune by vote of the people. By becoming the tribune, Antony helped Caesar become more popular among the people because the Senate and government were challenging Caesar. The character trait that Antony possesses here is one of a noble man.…show more content…
But Cassius was right in thinking that Brutus should be the leader of the conspirators because he knew how to lead people and how to gather important people; but he was not right in the fact that he thought he could control Brutus. Brutus depended on Cassius a lot near the end of the play because he needed people on his side after he killed Caesar. He needed people to know that it was in his best interest that it was for Rome’s good. But things don’t go well in the end when both men decide to kill themselves, like in Romeo and Juliet… If both main characters were men. This is one example that shows that even though Brutus and Cassius thought that their plans would make Rome a better place, it ended up taking both of their lives and made Rome even worse because they no longer had Caesar, a potential great
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