Brutus And The Conspiracy In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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“What other bond, than secret Romans that spoke the word, and will not palter?” I believe that Brutus and the Conspiracy should go to the capital and kill Caesar, and they should do what they had planned to do. Why should they? For the Romans to have a good place to live, pride, and confidence for their country. Caesar should not be crowned king, Caesar should not become the leader of the Roman people. The leader should be someone who cares about the people, someone who is honorable and understands that these people are important and need a good leader. In Julius Caesar, Brutus is trying to decide whether he wants to join the conspiracy or not. The Conspiracy is a group of people willing to kill Caesar because they don’t want him to become…show more content…
How he would do anything to keep the people safe, and take care of them. Show the people what a good leader looks like. Have you ever heard or seen Julius Caesar say something so strong and caring like that? No, because he’s dangerous. He can’t even do anything himself, if he becomes crowned, he’s going to be a useless leader for the Roman people. Brutus has to make a hard decision. He also needs to make his decision fast, because he doesn’t have much time to think about what he wants to do. Soon Caesar will be going to the Capital to be crowned. It’s a hard decision for Brutus, because Caesar is his best friend (he just doesn’t want Caesar to be leader because he’s not going to make Rome a better place for the people). So if he wants Rome to be safe, and have a good leader, Brutus has to kill him, he has to get things done soon and fast. So finally, I believe that Caesar is to dangerous to be the person in charge of everything here. , and he doesn’t care about anyone, but himself. Brutus has the respect and honor to become the leader of Rome. Having Brutus King or leader, Rome would be much safer and calm knowing that they all have a good person who’s trustworthy and clever looking after
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