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In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, the main character, Marcus Brutus, is the tragic hero. He is a tragic hero because he is presented as a noble, upright, virtuous man who is concerned for his country, and is tragically led to betray his friend, Julius Caesar. This is also supported by the fact that the other main character, Julius Caesar, dies in the middle of the play. Paired with Brutus’ ideal and goal of preserving and protecting the Republic from all enemies, internal and external; it is clear his character drives the action of the play. He is also the clear protagonist of the story, striving for a noble ideal that he fails to accomplish, and suffering both internal and external conflict as a result, with his failure distinctively marking him as the play’s tragic hero. Brutus is introduced to the play as a well intentioned and respected politician in Rome, with many supporters within the senate, as well as a close friend of Julius Caesar. As he learns of the plot to kill Caesar, he is convinced by the conspirators that Caesar is a tyrant in disguise, and that it is in the best interest of Rome that he should not lead. Brutus’ innocently patriotic love of Rome led him believe that killing Caesar was necessary, a sentiment shared and bolstered by the other conspirators. An excellent example of the conspirators betraying…show more content…
A great man, well respected by his peers, with friends in positions of power. Despite having killed Caesar, he had a valid excuse which he had the people believe. Having thought that killing Caesar was the only way to save Rome from tyranny, even though it was obviously not. When Markus Antony said, "This was the noblest Roman of them all. And say to all the world, 'This was a man!’” He gave an apt description of Brutus, wanting to do what is best for Rome, and yet failing to do so, and suffering both internally and externally from his choices; a true tragic

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