Brutus 'Friendship In Julius Ceasar'

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William Blake claims, “it is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend”. In the play Julius Caesar, Shakespeare writes about a nation built on: trust, betrayal, and patriotism. At the start of the play, Cassius accuses Brutus of not having any passion or pride in his nation. Cassius then proclaims “then Brutus, I have much mistook your passion” (Shakespeare I,ii,48). This shines a light on the fact that Cassius is trying to upset Brutus and manipulate him to oppose Caesar. Although Cassius’ plan to assassinate Caesar is just underway, this quote exemplifies how Cassius is trying to get under Brutus’ skin by telling him that he is not fit to rule. Granting Brutus and Cassius’ friendship gets off to a rocky start, by act 2, Brutus
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