Brutus Funeral Speech Analysis

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The Funeral Speech of Julius Caesar
In Williams Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Antony has a more successful speech than Brutus because Antony appeals to the desire of the Romans. Antony uses sarcasm and verbal irony but Brutus decides to use rhetorical devices. Brutus uses gravitas and his honor but Antony does not. Also, Antony decides to use pathos to appeal to the Romans emotions, but Brutus chooses to use logos. Antony uses sarcasm, pathos, and verbal irony because those appeal to the Romans greed and envy, causing him to make the Romans go against Brutus.
Antony decides to use verbal irony and sarcasm to explain that what Brutus did is wrong while Brutus uses rhetorical devices to proof he did the right thing. Antony is giving his speech at Caesar’s funeral. Antony states, “They that has done this deed are honorable”(JC, III, ii, 224). Antony tells the Romans how cruel and wrong Brutus and Cassius are, but he still calls them honorable men. This makes the Romans think if Brutus and Cassius are really honorable men.
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Brutus is explaining why he killed Caesar in his funeral speech. Brutus states, “As he was ambitious, I slew him”(JC, III, 28). Brutus is giving a logical statement using facts. His reason for killing Caesar is because Caesar is ambitious. Instead of using logos, Antony decides to use pathos in his speech and he manipulates the romans feelings. Antony is giving his speech at the funeral because Brutus allows him. Antony says, “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now”(JC III, ii, 181). In this quote Antony is making the Romans emotional for the death of Caesar. Antony talks after Brutus which allows him to manipulate the Romans emotions and gives him opportunity to recap Brutus’ comments. The Romans respond to Antony’s speech better than they respond to Brutus’ speech because Brutus just tells facts while Antony uses the Romans
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