Brutus In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'

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1. What does it mean about Cassius’s plan that he has to mislead Brutus to make it happen? He had Cinna send Brutus a fake letter, in order to convince him that the public really preferred Pompey over Caesar. It means that he is willing to betray his own friend to get what he wants. 2. What does it mean about Brutus that he so readily believes what Cassius says? It means he trusts his friend. Cassius is just not a random guy he is Brutus very close friend, and Brutus believes he can trust him. And also because Brutus does not have faith in Caesar as a King he loves him as a friend and person, but not as a king. 3. What does it mean about Antony that Brutus refuses to kill him? Brutus thinks that once they cut off the head meaning
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