Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar

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“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This is an accepted saying that almost everyone knows and I’m sure it must have come from the time of Julius Caesar. Brutus was Julius’ best friend, but Brutus ends up killing Julius. Everyone who reads this story has different impressions as to whether they believe Brutus was a patriot or a traitor. I believe that Brutus is a patriot; but, Brutus does show actions that could convey the impression he was a traitor. Such as, killing Julius and then seeing his ghost, like he was guilty for what he did. On the other hand, I do not assume people take in consideration that he could have been doing Rome a favor by killing off Julius. A great deal of people think Brutus was a traitor when they read Julius Caesar; however, I believe Brutus was a patriot and was doing what he thought…show more content…
However, I believe that Brutus was portraying a patriot by killing Caesar, he knew Cassius had planned something harsh for Caesar and I consider Brutus thought that Caesar didn’t deserve to be killed off that way. So, he took action and did what he needed to do to save Caesar from being tortured or killed higher than he needed to be. Even when Cassius plants artificial notes that are from “Rome”, Brutus knew the truth and didn’t want people to be slaves to Caesar when Caesar didn’t write them in the first place. Brutus might also be seen as a traitor as a result of him killing himself rather than being captured for life for what he did to Caesar. But, to me this just proves that this was his way of paying the ultimate price for what he did, and his only way to find peace. Before he died, he howled out words of apology to Caesar in his way of owning up to what he did and releasing himself from the guilt before he dies, “Caesar you can rest now, I didn’t kill you half as willingly.” He can now find eternal peace in
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