Brutus Is The Noblest Person In Julius Caesar Essay

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In Julius Caesar, the noblest person throughout the entire play seems to be Brutus. He, by Antony, is called "an honorable man", because most honorable and honest people tend to think that other people live by the same standards as they do. Brutus trusts Cassius and lets himself be convinced that Caesar must die to preserve everything that goes along with the democratic rule in Rome. To him, killing someone he calls a friend is seen as a sad, but necessary sacrifice for the people. Brutus can be seen as someone who brings about the peace that is needed within the Roman Empire when the people start to realize that Julius is going to destroy the empire if he isn't stopped or at least killed. Brutus had to choose between the friendship he has or the empire in which he lives. He came to the conclusion that the people of Rome matter more than just one man that can easily be replaced by another. He is able to keep himself grounded to be…show more content…
He is able to bring himself into being someone who is loved and trusted by the other around him because of the act that he was able to commit. He is able to bring himself into a better light when honoring the people with the death of his friend Julius. While he is able to bring himself into the act of killing Caesar, he was never able to take the blame for it which can be seen as a way of being weak, but he also decided to end his own life, which can be seen as a highly regarded act throughout Rome. Throughout Julius Caesar, Brutus has shown himself as being someone who can take the problems of the people around him and making them his own. He is able to be a light for the people around him, while not actually being a hero because he was never given the satisfaction of being known for his crime. Meanwhile, everything Brutus does was for the empire and he wouldn't be noble or honorable if he didn't do those things for the people of the Roman
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