Brutus Pursuit Of Justice In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Justice is the foundation of a Nation founded on laws. There are several perspectives to an event and justice will prevail in the Nation of Laws. In order to find justice one has to consider all the facts, credibility, and the consistency in a crime or situation in order to determine the right course of action. Julius Caesar is an individual who seeks justice. He was murdered and his killer cries for mercy. This “killer” did not grant Julius Caesar mercy. Justice must be served to someone and it should be served for Caesar because his death was unjust and done with such cruelty. He was betrayed and his killer premeditated Caesar 's murder and committed treason. His killer claimed that he killed out of good intentions, but yet his crime would…show more content…
However, because of what he did, it would not be just for Brutus to receive mercy. That is why the jury and the judge must be persuaded by the prosecution. The prosecution 's main argument is that because Brutus premeditated and committed treason, he therefore should not be able to go to purgatory out of mercy. Parts of the articles of Confederation, Constitution, and the U.S Code should help the prosecution 's claim. Since Brutus’ trial will be based on his character in Shakespeare play it is easy to visualize that in the beginning Brutus was a coward at first and was scared of killing,, but later he would change and take up the courage to kill Caesar. At first Cassius did convince brutus to kill, but Brutus had free will so he shouldn 't have chosen a path that he did not favor in the first place. Brutus will argue that what he did was out of the good of Rome because Caesar was a tyrant. Yet, if we look at Caesar 's character in the play, he was not a tyrant at all. He was hard-headed at times and stern, but overall he cared for the people in Rome. As Antony said, Caesar denied the crown to rule three times and cared for his people because he offered them land in his will. Brutus could have honestly done this crime out of jealousy because Brutus was just as popular as Caesar but only Caesar was favored enough to be offered
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