Brutus Speech In Julius Caesar

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In the play Julius Caesar created by William Shakespeare Julius Caesar is becoming the ruler of Rome. However there are some people who are called conspirators that do not want him to be crowned ruler and want him to be over thrown. So the conspirators try to convince others to help them overthrow Caesar. In order to do this they use multiple tactics and make many attempts to persuade everyone to join them, for example Cassius fabricates a petition, Cassius makes Brutus believe he is more important then he actually is, Cassius leaves a letter in Brutus's room telling him that he has to recognize certain features about himself, and Brutus assures the Plebeians that some things are necessary. When Cassius creates the fake petition he makes it seem as though there are many angry Roman citizens who want Caesar removed from the thrown. After he finishes making the petition he throws it into Brutus's window so that he can read it. After reading it Brutus will believe that no one is happy to have Caesar in power of Rome if Cassius's idea goes as planned. His fabricating of the Petition was an emotional reason for overthrowing Caesar because there wasn't actually that many angry Roman citizens. He also had another thought on how to convince people that Caesar is no good for Rome. When…show more content…
His speech is designed to persuade the Plebeians that the murder of Caesar was very necessary. In Brutus's speech he talks about how him and Caesar loved each other and that it wasn't that "I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more." Meaning that him and Caesar shared a love for each other but Rome meant more to him then Caesar did. By telling the crowd that he loved Caesar it makes them think that he wasn't necessarily happy about the murdering of him but that he was glad it happened cause it was better for Rome. When giving his speech Brutus successfully used his emotions to convince the crowd to help overthrow
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