Brutus Tragic Hero

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Every story has either hero or a tragic hero. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout was the hero. In the movie The Longest Ride, Ira Levinson (played by Alan Alda) was the tragic hero. A tragic hero is a character in a story that is a protagonist whose poor decisions lead to their downfall. William Shakespeare was famous for not only writing plays but also tragic plays. Brutus is not only the protagonist in the play Julius Caesar, but he is also the tragic hero because he is a wise, noble, and loving man. Brutus is a wise man. When the citizens favored Caesar over Brutus, Brutus did not get mad; he was calm yet depressed. When Caesar got stabbed, Brutus hesitated from stabbing him until the very end when Caesar was in pain from the stab wounds and dying. Brutus knew that Caesar’s power will just get to his head and he will destroy Rome. That is why he decided to join the conspiracy. Brutus knew that Rome will fall if Caesar ruled. When Brutus gives Caesar’s eulogy, he gives good reasons to kill Caesar. “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome…show more content…
The fact that Brutus is a noble and loving man makes up for his mistakes. How Brutus is noble is that like any soldier back then and today, Brutus is willing to serve or die for his country. “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” That quote shows us Brutus is willing to do anything for his country. When he decides to kill himself, he said I rather be dead than taken prisoner in my own city. When he goes into battle against Octavious, and Antony, he did not chicken out, he was willing to fight for control over the city he loves. In Caesar’s eulogy, he admitted he weeps for Caesar, but he still rejoiced at it. He died a tragic and noble death by having someone hold his sword, and having him fall into his sword. These text examples only cover the surface on how much Brutus is noble to his
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