Brutus Was Undecided In Killing Caesar

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Brutus is undecided about killing Caesar because he doesn’t want to betray him, but he knows he has to do it for Rome. Antony was afraid they would kill him too, because Antony was close to Caesar. Calphurnia tries to keep Caesar home from the capitol because she knows something bad is going to happen if he goes. Decius convinces him to go, he says they had misinterpreted the signs and that it means that Caesar will be able to provide for all of Rome. Cassius writes Brutus a bunch of letters, making it seem like different people want him to be a leader instead of Caesar. When Brutus and the conspirators killed Caesar, Brutus was the last one to stab Caesar. After Caesar was killed the conspirators put his blood all over them. Antony pretended to be on Brutus 's side and agreed with Brutus and the other men for why they had to kill Caesar because he was afraid that they would also kill him too. After Brutus talked to the people of Rome and explained why they killed Caesar, they agreed that it was the right thing to do. After…show more content…
After they apologies Brutus says Cassius is “Yoked with a lamb that carries anger as flint bears fire.” The “lamb” is Portia 's death, which added to Brutus’ sorrow she died of grief of Brutus’ absence. After everyone else has gone to bed Brutus sees the ghost of Caesar, which makes Brutus release their troops early. Brutus follows Cassius into battle. Neither one of them know what is going to happen before the day 's end. Brutus then gets the news of Cassius’ and Titinius’ death. Soon after Brutus and his men stop to take a break and Brutus pulls all of his men to the side, one by one, and asks them to kill him but only one man agrees to kill him. Brutus admits to the last man that he saw Caesar 's’ ghost at Sardis and on the battlefield. Strato holds Brutus 's sword while Brutus runs on it, proclaiming: "Caesar, now be still, I kill 'd not thee with half so good a
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