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If you like to watch criminal shows like “Criminal Minds” or “CIS” then reading a criminal justice book would be right for you. Bryan Stevenson, an author and gifted young attorney of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice And Redemption was named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe Time, and The Seattle Times. Bryan Stevenson is an African American who studies at Harvard Law School but was working in Georgia for an internship. He is so dedicated into helping inmates who were in the lower class, and the wrongly condemned in the justice system. Once, you start reading the first page of his book you will never want to put that book down. To me this was like watching a show you just want to keep…show more content…
Bryan’s writing structure in his book is professional by the way he would introduces different court cases he had previously worked on into each progressing personal thought and analysis over the topic of innocents on death row. From beginning to end the dictionary was my best friend when struggling through the author 's complex vocabulary. The selection of his vocabulary such as; menacing, discretionary, and unprecedented made it difficult to understand the author when he was expressing his thoughts or describing a scenario. His writing style is intelligent because even though his writing tends to be scholarly, there are ways to still create pictures with your head. His descriptive scenario gave me a tangible image of how it might’ve looked like and me feel in his position during this intense scene when a white male police officer pointed a gun to his face because he looked suspicious in the middle of the night sitting in his car. “ Move and I’ll blow your head off!” The officer shouted the words, but I couldn’t make any sense of what he meant. It tried to stay clam; it was the first time in my life anyone had ever pointed a gun at me”(40). Looking back to Stevenson’s book, there is another book that connects with his book Just Mercy. Which is Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”. Although they both write about criminal justice, Michelle Alexander’s book mostly focuses the statistics on African Americans who are in prison and on War on Drugs in the United States. For example who would go to prison for having a little bit of marijuana a tall, innocent African American male ? or an average size , troublemaker white male? and many of us would believe an African American because based on his race right? Whereas Bryan Stevenson just focuses on his experience on working with others who are put into death row in Alabama. If
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