Bryce Courtenay's The Power Of One

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In the novel, The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay, a character named Hoppie Groenewald is portrayed as an influential person in the life of the story’s main character, Peekay. Hoppie took the life of a boy who had been abused by the society he lived in and turned it around for the better. As I read this book, I was inspired to look at my own life. From this, I realized that the most influential person in my life, has been me. It is my belief that those who have little are helped the most by positive influences and even need them in order to find their own potential. Growing up in the environment I did allowed me to live without the oppression that Peekay experienced in his daily life. I have been blessed with the ability to live the childhood that many kids do not have the fortune of experiencing. The people that have surrounded me, being my parents, sister, teachers, and peers, have given me the chance to grow on my own and experience life to the fullest. From this, I have become a very self-sufficient person, other than some of the more basic guardian based needs. They have been an influence to me through their words …show more content…

These themes, or morals, had a way of worming their way into my subconscious and remain with me till this day. A little girl in a red cape taught me never to talk to strangers and Seven dwarves with a soon to be princess taught me that it is okay to make mistakes as long as I learn from them. All of these stories that my mother told me at night before I went to bed, shape my view of the world today. It was my responsibility, though, to take these stories to heart. Just like the words of the people I look up to, the morals of every story I have read or heard needed just a little help before they really became influential. If Peekay hadn’t listened to Hoppie, if he hadn’t taken his words to heart, Hoppie would have had no influence on

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