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1. Where will recruitment occur? a. Individuals will be recruited for participation through advertisement posters located at Columbia College Chicago. Individuals potentially undergoing a lower- extremity injury will be inquired by Columbia College professors and choreographers if they would like to participate in the pilot study. 2. Where and when will consent be obtained? a. Consent will be obtained by Dr. X at the Gottlieb Memorial Hospital (701 W North Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60160). Consent occurs once the initial evaluation, Health Survey, and Patient History Database form are completed. 3. Who will obtain consent? a. Dr. X 4. What is the advertising plan? a. Advertisement posters are posted at promoted at Columbia College Chicago. 5. What recruitment material will be…show more content…
What is the screening schedule? a. Examination screening is an initial visit to Dr. X at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital. The length of the evaluation procedure will be approximately 45 minutes. 3. Which screening tests/ procedures are part of standard care and which are for research purposes only? a. The initial evaluation examination is part of standard care. Which includes assessing range of motion, endurance, anatomical planes, the Health Survey, and Patient History Database form. 4. What happens with screen failures? a. Screen failures will be notified by Dr. X that they cannot participate in the pilot study because they do not meet the subject inclusion criteria. The data obtained by the screen failures will be immediately disposed for confidentiality purposes. b. Randomization Procedures After the participants receive permission to participate in the physical therapy rehabilitation study and completed the informed consent documents, the Principal Investigator will randomly assign the patients to either the balance, strength, or Dry Needling rehabilitation group through drawing a number out of a hat. c. Study Intervention i. For Drug/ device studies: Not Applicable 1. Active study

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