Bsc300 Unit 1 Assignment

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1. Scenario: Refer (Clause 60.1(1)) The following are compensation events; The Project Manager gives an instruction to change the Works Information. The Contractor was instructed for a quotation request (Clause 61.1) with an instruction to change the works Clause 14.3) Contractor puts instruction into effect. It is important when instructing changes that the Project Manager notifies as a compensation event upon the instruction as if not done may leave Employer open to late claims (W1) by the Contractor, because the 'time-bar ' of (8 weeks refer Clause 61.3) does not apply to these types of compensation events, and the Contractor can notify the compensation event any time up until the defects date (Clause 61.7). This is significant for the…show more content…
The Project Manager will reply with an instruction to the Contractor to provide a quotation. It is important that all communications be notified seperately (Clause 13.7) and be made in a form that can be read, copied and recorded (Clause 13.1) by all Parties working in the Contract. On receipt of a notification made by the Project Manager and an instruction to provide a quotation (Clause 62.3), the Contractor provides quotation within 3 weeks. The Project Manager must respond on reciept of the quotation within 2 weeks and replies with responses: If the Project Manager does not respond, Contractor may notify the Project Manager, if after 2 weeks the Project Manager does not reply to notification then the Contractor 's notification / quotation is treated as acceptance by the Project Manager refer to…show more content…
And under the Main Option Contract this is a partnering agreement so (Clause 10.1) In a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation it is hoped that both would notify all compensation events as soon as they become aware and follow the ECC stimulus to good management.
Other Contractor responsibilities refer (Clause 27.3) “The Contractor obeys an instruction which is in accordance with this contract and is given to him by the Project

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