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“Take charge of your financial future. I believe investing small amounts each month in the stocks market will give you financial freedom in the later years of your life.”
- Bo Sanchez, preacher, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of “The Turtle Always Wins, My Maids Invest in the Stock Market, and many others”

Phone Repairman vs. OFW
Remember about my favorite sister Ruth who is an OFW in Abu Dhabi? Yes, she's my favorite sister since I've only got one (sssh don't tell her, its our secret.)
In one of my Skype conversations, I mentioned to her that I had started in VUL investment with AXA. I also explained to her how it works. A typical single employee as she is, she said no.
On the other hand,
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This plan provides more income protection and higher growth potential for your investment which can help you achieve your long term life dreams. You can start this plan for as low as P1,250 a month for a minimum of 10 years depending on your age. This is advisable for married employees with dependents.
Life Basix Plus. This plan is a combination of protection, superior health coverage, and insurance which can help you prepare for what lies ahead. It is best for married, health conscious employees. You can jumpstart your savings and investment program for this plan at P4,200 for the next 10 years.
My Ambition. If you have P50,000 lying idle in your savings account for many years, might as well put this in My Ambition plan. This plan allows employees like you to grow your money faster by investing in bonds, balanced, or stocks.
Savings eXentials. Savings eXentials allows you to automatically save your money for major purchases like start-up capital for your own business, car down payment, or equity for your first house. You can start this plan for as low as 1,500 a month for just five years and you will receive a guaranteed amount of cash at the end of your chosen term or maturity.

Which funds will your AXA premiums be

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