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In the nursing world it has been a debate for a long time and is still current over whether or not nurses with a bsn degree are more proficient than nurses with just a adn degree. The difference between the two is the education requirements. Adn is a associates degree whereas the bsn is a bachelor's degree. There is about a two year gap between the two degrees in length of education. The debate is over which is more beneficial to patients and the work field overall. In the work field nurses with both degrees say you learn the most useful information that is used in the actual task of taking care of patients through experience. If this is proven to be true it could mean that a nurse with a associates degree that works in the hospital over time…show more content…
In efforts to get the most honest answers from these nurses I asked in a casual manner and all I told them was that I was writing a paper on nursing and I was curious on their experience through school and heading into the workforce since I am wanting to go into the same field. I contacted the nurse with the bachelor’s first and asked her “How confident were you with treating the patients when you got out of school?” In response she said “Honestly, right out of school, not all that confident because there was still so much more to learn then just was we learned in school. It took probably about a year before I was one-hundred percent confident or comfortable in my care.” Next, I had asked “Do you think you provide better care than nurses with an associates degree?” When I had asked her this she had to think about it for a minute before she said “Honestly, I’m not all that sure because we [the other nurses and herself] weren't exactly sure who had what degree. I knew a few nurses with an associate’s degree that were bad but I also knew some nurses with a bachelor’s degree that wasn’t all that good either. Pretty much with either degree we [nurses with associate's and bachelor's degree] take the same core classes but with the bachelor’s degree we learn more that prepares us for management, advansed careers, and theories.” (Miller, 2018). After talking with her I got connected with someone I knew that was a nurse with a associates degree. First, I asked the same question I asked first to the other nurse. She said “Not confident at all, I felt there was a lot that I didn’t know compared to other nurses, it was kinda intimidating. It was hard when sometimes I would be thinking one thing and a different nurse thought something else, I wasn’t always confident in

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