Btec Business Level 3 Unit 1 P1

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A stakeholder is someone who has interest or concern for an organisation or business. Stakeholders can be affected by policies, aims and objectives. An example of stakeholders would be employees and the government. Stakeholders can be individuals, groups and organisations. Owners of a business would be concerned about profit the business or organisation makes. Managers that manage supermarkets like Sainsbury’s are worried about their salary. Workers within Sainsbury’s are concerned about their wages and want to keep their job. Customers shopping at Sainsbury’s want the supermarket to supply goods that have quality at a low affordable price. Suppliers that supply the products and goods want the business to continue buying their goods and groceries. There are two types of stake holders, which are internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are people within a business, examples include employees and managers. External stakeholders are people who are outside of the business; an example would be the government and customers. I will …show more content…

If customers feel that the service provided by Sainsbury’s is bad, they’ll stop shopping there, which will also cause their profits to decrease. Large supermarkets chains like Sainsbury’s are supposed to buy their supplies from reliable suppliers. This will ensure that customers continuing to shop with them. Customers are a major stakeholder to every supermarket as the majority of profit made by Sainsbury’s comes from them. Customers influence NSPCC, as they donate a certain amount to the charity. This money could be used to help fund them. NSPCC also claim that 90% of the donations made are from people. They claim that if someone donates £10 a month, their money aims to help a child overcome the effects of

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