Btec Business Level 3 Unit 10 M1

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M1.Explain the importance of the quality of code The use of function in programming - In a programming there are different sections of the program that we want to repeat it. There are different type of instruction can be given a name. They are called functions and procedures. Algorithms can be divided into functions or procedures. Only instead of having to type out the entire instruction set of the need to save time by running the function. And there is function statement in programming that we typed in programming Procedures - A procedure is a section of a program that performs a specific task. Procedures is a structure of programming step by step and the how the programming is working in order to use it. For example when you make a program…show more content…
When you are creating a programming in visual basic you should think about what type of tools you will use and in order to make the programming you should the tools datatype into relative name for example “btnsubmit” .when you are programming you should check the spelling check, if you got and spelling mistakes it will show you error Comments – comments are important for good quality programming because comments will use for understand the program and if there are any technical and complicated parts of the code. While typing the code just put some comment to understand the program. Comment also can use for guidance throughout the programming and it use for the instruction to type the code. Naming are so important for good quality of code because naming the variables. Program will be easy to make program. Naming variables can improve the readability on the code. It will help the other programmers to be continue the program otherwise it will be hard for the other
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