Btec Business Level 3 Unit 10 P1

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Task1 Unit 10
Primary research is the research that helps us to find out what the consumers want and need. It is quite useful and it can tell us if the business is suitable for a certain market.
Primary research includes observation experimentation surveys and focus groups.
Observation is watching customers and shoppers and the way they behave but is wasting time(time consuming)also is the company that having product in the market and try to observed the shopkeeper and consumer,observes people behave shows what researcher trying to find out,it’s expensive when requiring detailed record but observations can be filmed to lower cost,it also help with experiment of the costumers.
Experimentation is basic on after people experiment this product
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Secondary research may ease of access and low cost to acquire but it also might be incomplete information and it might not timely.
Qualitative and quantitative research are two different research techniques and they are also complementary,good marketing research will need both of this area but sometime may end up just need one depending on the specific information you want,Quantitative research is more about logical and data approach,however unlike quantitative research which relies on number and statistics,qualitative research is about how people feel and why ( example:questionnaire and focus group)
Marketing strategies are the primary goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage,it including basic short-term and long-term,also the strategic research technical research databank research continuous research ad hoc
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