Btec Business Level 3 Unit 2 D1

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Unit 2 – P3 and D1

Throughout this assignment, I will be discussing about how to manage and maintain an operating system for e.g. removing files that may contain viruses and cleaning files that are unnecessary in the operating system. I will also be talking about the benefits and drawbacks of each software utilities and I will be explaining and defining what each of the definitions actually mean. There are four essential categories that I will be focusing on and this will be explained later on.
In a computer there are many types of security that enable you to protect your computer from viruses and any other malicious sites and two of these are virus protection and firewall and these can be used to track down any websites that
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Disadvantages are that you may have to pay for the antivirus software after it runs out.
Usability and Accessibility
Using the Kaspersky software is very easy, you just run the CD and then install it onto your software and then follow the instructions, its fairly straight- forward. Once you install the software you must update it every now and again but then a notification will pop up telling you to update it.

Clean up tools
There are certain parts in your computer that store information and they are called removal of cookies and removal of history.
Removal of cookies: The way this works is that each information you put forward, cookies then stores the information for e.g. when you are signing up to a website. When you go on it again and input the same information then it will give you an option of the same information you have typed before. A possible drawback of this is when you sign in you will see information that you haven’t seen before and it will do so without getting consent from you. Therefore, it will be hard to get rid of it unless you delete it

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