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Web Development 2 (WD2) 1.1 The hardware components which enable internet access are: Routers – A small device which joins multiple networks together, its entire purpose is to send/route data packets between networks and devices on the network. Routers use wireless and wired technologies to send data packets. Allows multiple computers or other devices join the same network. Ethernet cables – which is normally an RJ-45 cable that connects to the Ethernet card inside the device, the purpose of it is to communicate with the hub/modem/router. Wireless card. A Computer – with a processor, memory (RAM), hard disk, motherboard, graphics card, motherboard, and a monitor, keyboard and mouse. NIC cards – A Network Interface Card…show more content…
Repeaters – A repeaters purpose is to transmit and receive signals, the signal that it receives should get regenerated or replicated to send the signal on further. An analogue repeater can only amplify a signal, while a digital repeater can repair a signal to close to its original quality. The Software components which enable the internet access are: Operating systems – so that the PC is able to function with internet protocols and the ISP service. Browsers – so that the PC can reach and display HTTP links NON-essential internet access software: FTP software –File Transfer Protocol software is used to exchange files over the internet. Email software – used for creating, sending, receiving and organizing electronic mail, or email (often a web…show more content…
The internet simply could not work without protocols. Protocols are essentially FYI’s (pointers) that allow a device to connect to the internet through the same standards as other devices (Other computer systems). 1.3 ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) or IAP’s (Internet Access Providers) provide a line rental that allows connection to the internet through their servers, when you connect you get a unique IP address that allows you to surf and use the internet. A web hosting service is a service from a company that can host a website on the internet from their servers, people and organizations tend to use web hosting services so that expenses are dropped (quite substantially in some cases), Designing and maintaining a hosting server is a costly ordeal. A Domain name register is a service that allows an individual or organization to officially register their domain. Some main official domains are: .gov - Government agencies .edu - Educational institutions .org - Organizations (nonprofit) .mil - Military .com - commercial business .net - Network

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