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Unit three covered the newsletter and the PowerPoint describing how we put together our newsletter and our design choices. I think putting together a newsletter is something that will greatly help us when we enter the job world. Companies use newsletter to get out information about their company and what projects they are working on. This unit gave us the tools to create a visually appealing newsletter and text that catches reader’s attention. Incorporating colors associated with the company relates the newsletter back to it. Different size articles really help breakup your newsletter and readers can choose which articles appeal to them. Companies want to send out good quality newsletters and these skills can make you stand out from others.…show more content…
They are going to want to know why you designed it how you did, who your audience is, why you placed certain articles where you did, and why you did what you did. This is exactly what a presentations were about, we had to describe and justify everything that we did in our newsletter. Throughout this unit we also had to work as a group, which also prepares us for getting a job. You are going to have coworkers that you’ll have to work with and these projects gave us a sense of what that will be like. It also shows what each individual what they need to work on to improve how they work in a group situation. This unit filled me with knowledge that will improve my performance in the work force. I found the most value out of creating the newsletter it provided me with many great tools. I will be able to show my ability on creating an appealing design and articles that will catch reader’s attention. This is useful in not only creating newsletters for the company but also creating other pieces such as e-mails or newspaper articles. This class provided me with many tools that will be appealing to future

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