Btec Business Level 3 Unit 9 P1

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Product:- Wiltshire + Swain believe they have a good product, which is their service. They offer a dynamic and contemporary design consultancy that is tailored to their client needs. Wiltshire + Swain’s knowledge and experience in the industry helps them to differentiate from competitors.

Place:- Wiltshire + Swain is currently located at 28 Crowther Street shown in figure 2. Their studio office is centrally located in the west side of the city. An advantage to this location is that key clients including the universities are close by and it is a quiet side street. A negative to being located in this area is the limited parking facilities available but fortunately public transport can be easily accessed. The office studio is less important according to Andrew as they are constantly off site visiting clients.
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Andrew says the prices are competitive against competitors but still allow for an appropriate level of profit. In comparison to competition Wiltshire + Swain services are reasonably priced against other architectural businesses, this is shown through the amount of projects that they are responsible for.

Promotion:- Currently the business does not have any major promotional strategies. With the help of the internet a website and social media pages have been set up containing relevant information about past and present projects they are responsible for. The website is currently under construction as it is 10 years old. Figure 3 shows the “Project News” page on the website displaying information about the business’ intentions, the home page features a quote about architecture and a statement informing the visitors that the website is currently under construction. Andrew believes promotion is one of the businesses weaknesses and could be improved on in the

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