Btec Business Level 3 Unit 9 P4 Business

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P5 In this task am going to explain the reason behind the choice of media and objective of the media in business and the method that I use to promote my product, media this this is the mass communication such as social media, television, radio, printed media such as magazines, newspaper and etc. this helps us to promote our business by saving time and sometimes money such social media this helps us to save money which helps us to save our cost in other business act Objectives of media To create awareness It brings awareness about the upcoming products or services, its provide information about the product how it used, theprice of the product, the place where the customers can get the product, if there any effect when using it wrongly, so this …show more content…

Decrease marketing cost This helps us to control our budget in marketing our products, using social media for promotional campaign is cheaper that other media such as television and newspaper so this is the reason that we use social media so that we could be able to reduce cost for promotion company so that we could be able to manage our budget in our business for other activities. Customer's relationship This helps us to know the needs that our customers wants, also to solve different problems that our customers face in our services or products so that we could be able to satisfy their needs and request in our business. This helps us to build good relationship with our customers which help us to create good image about our brand. The following are the media that we are going to use in our business to promote our product. Social …show more content…

M3 In this task am going to justify the decision, in our business we decide to hire an advertising agent that could help us promote our product, also we decide to use different media that could help us to find our target and to increase more customers in our brand, also through marketing mix this could also help us to maintain our campaign so that we could be able to manage and conduct our campaign effectively. The following are some ways that could help us to improve our campaign. Budget Through increase our budget this will help us to conduct our campaign more effectively such we could be able to improve our advertisement so that we could attract more customers in our company, also through budget we could be able to hire advertising agencies that could help us to promote our business and through budget we could be able to conduct different events that could help us to promote our product to our target

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