Bubblicious Country Report

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Since the Revolution of 1984, the country of Bubblicious has been on the verge of collapsing. Bubblicious is located off the coast of Eastern America near Georgia. The country has faced poverty, overpopulation, and starvation as well as many horrible things. Recently the tyrannical leader Donald Trump has been overthrown, and the people of the country decided because of my sincerity, good looks and devotion, made me the new President of Bubblicious. I, the leader of this soon to be marvelous country plan to help my economy and people flourish during my 30 year reign. My first course of action would be to set up the government and constitution. It will be based of the the United States of America’s constitution but will be directed more towards my people and our ways of life. I will call for representatives from all over to help make final decisions and to help our country get…show more content…
New medicines will be introduced and better birth rates will take place through the better education plans. Power plants and cellphone towers will be built in the surrounding country side so that the people will not be closed off from outside information. I will strongly suggest the use of using the internet so that the people can see and hear what is happening in other countries. Churches and other important buildings like courthouses, jails, restaurants and more will be built for my peoples satisfaction. In conclusion Bubblicious will now be on the road to success through my glorious reign. My people will flourish and become a powerful country. Because of my supreme reign and devotion the people will be happy and not die from starvation and diseases. The country will be in prosperity and will be able to be known as a great nation among
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