Bubonic Plague Effects

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A vile and putrid plague eradicated almost half of Europe during the Middle Ages. This plague is known as the Bubonic Plague, more commonly known as the Black Plague, or the Black Death. The Bubonic Plague, which ravaged Europe during the Middle Ages, negatively impacted society due to its extreme fatality rates which eradicated almost half of Europe’s population. While it showed up multiple times in history,. The Black Plague is a foul disease that showed up as early as 430 B.C. when it struck in Athens, Greece and attacks the lungs and lymph nodes which causes painful and unappealing effects ("Bubonic plague." World of Scientific). The cause of this widespread plague was certain bacterium called Pasteurella pestis that was embedded in fleas…show more content…
It even ended trade between some countries, led to the suspension of wars, and many laborers were annihilated by the plague which cause the ruin of many landowners ("Black Death."). The plague came in waves, and revisited Europe multiple times during the Middle Ages ("Black Death."). Since medical sciences were advanced enough to defend against the plague, there was no way to save anyone that contracted the plague which helped advance the rising of fatalities of Europe’s population. Due to the constant restoration of the plague, it prompted researchers to try and help find out how to stop the plague and its deadly symptoms ("Bubonic plague." World of Biology). It was only around four hundred years later that scientists found the cause of the Bubonic plague. In 1897, a German bacteriologist named Robert Koch determined that fleas and rats were the leading transmission of the plague ("Bubonic plague." World of Biology). Antibiotics largely control the plague now, but even in some countries with poor sanitation, it is still open to
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