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Brewing beer started in the mid- 1800s when a huge number of German immigrants moved to St. Louis. The Germans introduced a new style of beer to the United Stated which was called Lager. Lager is a German word which means ‘to rest’. The brewers would store the beer in wooden casks in caves or somewhere underground. There was more than 50 breweries in the area but the mid- 1800s. Eberhard Anheuser left Germany in 1843. He first moved to Cincinnati before he moved to St. Louis. He had no experience in brewing beer but came to be a part owner of the Bavarian Brewery. Bavarian Brewery opened its doors in 1856. Four years later in 1860, Anheuser bought out the other investors and changed the brewery’s name to E. Anheuser& Co. Adolphus Busch at the age of 18 moved to St. Louis. By the age…show more content…
Bud light is known for the drinkability and its refreshing flavor. It is one of the best-selling beers in the U.S. It is the leader in the premium light class. Michelob Ultra has the balance between crisp refreshment and light taste which makes it perfect. It is enjoyed by someone who has a active and healthy lifestyle. Michelob Ultra is sponsored by Running& Cycling, Golf, and Tennis. Skol is the leading beer in Brazil. It is a beer that is advertised as the one you have when you are sociable, innovative and always with your friends. Antarctica is a beer that has the reputation for quality that lead great moments with good company at hand. Victoria is an ultra-premium Vienne-style lager beer. It is one of Mexico’s popular beers. It has a medium body and a slightly malt sweetness. It was produced in 1865 and it is one of Mexico’s oldest beer brand. ABInBev has many more local champions, which helps this company have all the success. The company has very popular brands of beers under their belt which helps them tremendously with their success but the small beer brands also gives them an

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