Bud Not Buddy Book Report

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Bud, Not Buddy is a book written by Christopher Paul Curtis. It is about a young 10 year old boy who was in foster care. His name is Bud not Buddy, which is what people call him thinking that’s his name. Bud gets a new foster family, Amoses. Their 12 year old son would constantly bully Bud by calling him Buddy and teasing him. Bud and Todd got into a fight and he was forced to sleep in the shed for the night. He gets attacked by hornets in the shed because he couldn 't see anything. He decides to get payback on Todd by putting his hand in warm water making him wet the bed then gets his suitcase and escapes the foster home. Bud then decides to go to the librarian to get help, since he was now homeless. He spends that night sleeping under a
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