Bud, Not Buddy: Chapter 13 Analysis

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In chapter 13 of 2nd rule from, Bud, Not buddy. Bud brings up rule 63 for him to thrive. Bud repeals the rule number 63 that “These guys really thought I was dumb I said, “yes, sir but is not it just like my luck to come clean across the state to find my daddy and he turns out to be old coot?” I slapped my hand over mouth, I knew better than saying something like this out loud but it just tell out of my mouth.” The rule number 63 is “Never ever say something bad about someone you do not know-especially when you are around a bunch of strangers you never can tell who might be kin to that person or who might be a lip-flopping, big-mouth spy.” Bud use this rule 63 to thrive because the information about Herman E. Galloway, lead Bud for bud to
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