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After a thorough watch of the film several times, Buddha in a Traffic Jam is considered to be an autobiographical film based on its writer & director Vivek Agnihotri's life. Based on true life incidents, its treatment is that of a new age political drama with a unique chapter wise approach to relevant topics leading to its climax. His storytelling format is like a book which takes off from prologue to epilogue and has chapters in between which are decently interesting. The film is an initiative by one of the top Business schools of the world, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and this is the first Indian film ever based and shot in a B school. The script seems to have a forced irony and drama element to it which instantly puts one off.…show more content…
blazes across social media to hit back at moral policing against the girl in night clubs through his 'Pink Bra' campaign. This young lad becomes an overnight sensation after a successful social media campaign against the radical fundamentalism of moral policing in India. This goes radically viral on the internet. He also learns that overzealous moral police are affiliated to political parties. And finally they all become pink bra heroes in overnight. The second chapter “A Secret Game” takes a close look at one of the professors Rakesh Batki of the B School, who is delivering lecture on “Corruption is Good”. Professor Batki tells his students ''as it greases the wheels of economy.'' Professor is indeed the captivating teacher and so the students always rally around him. The Professor quotes that corruption is much needed grease for good administration in India. He also states that corruption is like a tonic for economical stimulation in most of the govt. offices. His students, however, do not agree, especially Pandit. Looking at Vikram’s skills, the professor starts to share with his students the materials of writing that he wants Vikram to spread through the youth calling his own. Giving talks

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