Buddha Of Suburbia Analysis

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The Buddha of Suburbia, is an autobiographical novel written by Hanif Kureishi. Its main character, Karim, being the son of a Pakistani father and an English mother. Karim grows up in a constant struggle between the histories of two different countries. This situation determines his internal confusion and indecision about his own identity. Jamila, her admirable cousin, is the only one who will lead Karim to find himself. To be more precise, Karim cannot speak Urdu and he does not feel identified with his father’s religion. This fact leaves misunderstandings about the ethnic community as we can see as well with Shadwell’s character. CHAPTER NINE Page 216 ‘Well?’ he said. He rattled off some more words. ‘You don’t understand?’ ‘No, not really.’ What could I say? I couldn’t win. I knew he’d hate me for it.‘Your own language!’ ‘Yeah, I get a bit.The dirty words.I know when I’m being called a camel’s rectum.’ ‘Of course. But your father speaks, doesn’t he? He must do.’ Of course he speaks, I felt like saying. He speaks out of his mouth, unlike you, you fucking cunt bastard shithead. ‘Yes, but not to me,’ I said. ‘It would be stupid. We wouldn’t know what he was on about. Things are difficult enough as it is.’ On the other hand, even though, Karim is an Englishman, due to his appearance into English society, he receives threats, verbal abuse and physical aggression at school, such as spitting or peeing on him. From my point of view, these events are a clear example of

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