Hinduism Vs Buddhism Essay

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Although Hinduism and Buddhism were both found in India, they both tore apart yet made India better in many different ways. They both have a very similar philosophy but also differ in many ways. Siddhartha (the founder of Buddhism) was a prince who grew up practicing Hinduism. Siddhartha wanted to end suffering. He found how to reach enlightenment and started to teach it. Through his teachings he formed many followers and grew a religion called Buddhism. The religion Buddhism was the greatest influencer for Indian Society than Hinduism through the 12 C CE by giving civilians a better way of life. Hinduism was founded in 2,500 BC. Hinduism was founded in India just like Buddhism. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world.…show more content…
“Brahmins: Priests and teachers believed to originate from the head of the God, who served the functions of learning, teaching, and performing sacrifices. Kshatriyas: Warriors skilled in the martial arts and educated to be leaders, whose task was to protect the people and fight their enemies. Vaisyas: The merchant class. Shudras: Laborers not entitled to an education, who generally served as servants to the other three classes.” There is a fifth category but it isn’t considered in the system, they are called the untouchables. This is just another point as to why Hinduism was bad for India. The caste system is so cruel to the lower class which is not fair since they are unable to move out of…show more content…
… It can act as an explanation of why misfortune happens when it is not recognisably the result of particular actions. [...] The importance of karma is that i[t] demonstrates the practicality of Buddhist teachings. Ethical considerations become paramount, because liberating oneself from the dis-ease of samsaric existence is a karmic matter.” Yes, Karma was both used in Hinduism and in Buddhism. Hinduism says Karma would come back in your next life. Buddhism says that Karma will happen to you in your present
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