Sikhism And Buddhism Comparison Essay

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In comparison, Buddhism and Sikhism are religions that originated from Hinduism. The differences lie because Sikhism is monotheistic (single God) and Buddhism believes there is no God. Other differences lie in the teachings, practices, idol worshipping, religious laws, symbols and concept of God.

- Buddhism is the old religion around 624 B.C.
- Buddhism talks about self-organization, they do not believe in the Creator.
- Buddhism is a monastic community called as the Sangha.
- Buddha was an oral teacher; he left no written of thought, later his follower codified his beliefs and oral teachings (Chunhua, 2013).
Buddhism is a very old religion that originated in India. This religion is started by Siddhartha, who came to be known as Gautam Buddha. All the Buddhists worship him. It talks of ideas related to good governance, harmony in social order and emphasis on relationships. In the beginning, Buddhism were only for men. Also, in Buddhism, one follows a disciplined life to move through and understand that nothing in ourselves is of one being.
The Buddhist teaching regarding suffering is based on the Four Noble truths:
1. Suffering is an essential part of life. Troubles are basic and inherent to life.

2. The cause of suffering is human desire.
Man suffers because he desires personal enjoyment and
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Rules for the sharing of food and water are many, especially among high caste Hindus. From the beginning, the Sikh Gurus explicitly rejected this inequality by asking that all Sikhs and all visitors to the Sikh gurdwaras partake of common food in the company of one another (Nesbit, 2012). In the langar hall, women and men, rich and poor, high and low sit together. The langar meal thus assails the inner core of inequality and symbolizes a Sikh’s personal rejection of

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