How Did Buddhism Influence Japanese Culture

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ad been past. Some people say that Buddhism was Japan's only religion, was Buddhism actually past down to different people? In this document i'll be researching about the religion Buddhism, Medieval Japan, also Japan's art and culture in Japan. Japan in the Middle Ages has had many firsts happen like during the Medieval period time.

*Back during the 6th century BC, in India, Buddhism was originated. Buddhism's main branch it came from was Mahayana, (Greater Vehicle). China and Korea also, got the religion Buddhism not just Japan. Kudara, Paikche, kingdoms in Korea had actually imported Buddhism to Japan. Once Buddhism was welcomed into Japan's new state, Buddhism was not that common to people. Japan did have another religion other than
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Samurai warriors became the rulers of land. During the medieval time, Buddhism had reached all the different society levels. In the medieval time Samurai, had occurred and rose. A supreme leader in the military, is called a Shogun. Also, a government was called bakufu, going along with the military leader. The society was very torn by the warfare, some people had seeked solace. The personal loyalty in Japan was the Japanese cultural tradition over many centuries.

During the 794 and 1185, it was the best time of art in Japan. In Heian, there were great Japanese nobles created. Noble courts loved beauty, elegance with appearance. Another thing that was known for Japanese nobles were writing. They took great care of their language and writing. Women mostly wrote in Japanese and men would mostly write in Chinese. During the Heian time Buddhism had changed in Japan. The people in Heian and the other members of the noble court didn't have much things in
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This religion has been practiced since 552 C. Buddhism went through a process to get to Japan. Still through this, Buddhism is a religion that was studied during the medieval times. It was studied in two different schools, Zen and True Pure Land. One of the schools of Zen studied more about Medieval times by the Samurai warriors. Zen actually means, meditation. Zen Buddhism lets you know that death is just a thing in our life that happens.

This religion, Buddhism was normally from India in the 6th century. Buddhism went to China, and Korea not just Japan. When Buddhism was finally welcomed to Japan it didn’t spread fast to people. It didn’t spread as fast because of its complex theories. In Japan there was another religion, called Shinto. Shinto was a native religion. With Shinto there were a few conflicts with Buddhism. Both, Shinto and Buddhism completed each other.

The Pure Land, which is one of the schools that also found its way to Japan. The meaning of Pure Land is, a Heaven or Paradise. Pure Land first began in China during 150 CE. It had spread through China very quickly. Pure Land Buddhism, went to Japan. When it went to Japan it grew lots. Today, Pure Land is just another form of Buddhism in Japan. In present day the central teachings about Pure Land Buddhism is not possible
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